Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One fine day

it's not easy
the decisions that i've made
i cant be selfish
i have to let u go

hopefully in one fine day
u will understand
it's not for me or my happiness
it's all for u...

there will be no way for us
i've said it like thousand times
u have to move on with ur life
u knw i lost all, i've got nothing

here i am
just trying to fight and push all destiny away
i just need to be alone
yeah i guess it's really over

there is no me and him
u always knw there is no future between me and him
just let me be...
if u r mine god will let us meet again in one fine day

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You know who u are...

what am i to u?
i am still keep going with this mistake
i should not....
and u know that

i cant accept ur past
yeah i knw all the things
yeah i try to control these feelings inside here
it mixed up
u burn me with those memories u had
and she still want u eventhough u say no
with those past tht u had, i really cant accept it
i am sorry

forever u and me will never be
no way for us
i cant be her and i will never be her
if u still want to play around
dont blame me for what i'll do for u
this is just a game and no feelings will attach...
i've told u once and it wont be twice, boy...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

we'll be fine

let me walk by myself
i am good without anyone around
i am used to it
dont treat me well
i am just scared cant let u go at the end

just let me live
this time let me be me
i cant hold onto what are people talking behind me
i am tired...yes i am denying it
i am ok with it...i can give it up
dont think about me and my fragile heart
it'll getting stronger

better we cut it off now
before i cant let u go at all
i am ok to be alone
as long as u r happy
then i'll be fine at the end

time for us to separate

now the party's over, everybody's gone
left with myself and i
I wonder what went wrong
it's against all from the inside
i am denying all the things
before it's too deep
i just want to stop it

better for us to separate now
i cant continue it anymore
i just scared to keep moving with u
i just cant choose between u and him
U just cant live between me and him...u should knw that...!!!

it's better to stop now before it's too late
better for u to get back with her
she still waiting for u to come back
there will be no ways for us...u and me never was and never will boy

thx for treated me so well
but i cant give u any chances
live ur life well an i'll be fine...
one day when we'll meet again hopefully both of us will be fine
and smile to each other

Saturday, February 25, 2012


time is not with me anymore
it's keep ticking impatiently
I am lost
where are we?
what are our boundaries?
u just keep going and coming back
in time u rest ur soul
and suddenly i becme so unreal
i am confused
how to let go the past and hold on to my future
yet i just hold onto my past and try to against my future

is it the game?
do u knw it from the start?
am i selfish?
i never want to hurt ppl
i just want this game just between us
no others involve
it cut me once and it still bleeding
i dont want people just come around and join this game

set me free
let me go
just give back my life
and the breath that you've taken from me
only for this i wont waste it anymore
it'll be enough for both of us

Friday, February 24, 2012

Am i Hungover?

with every move i die